What do you want to make?

Here are some ideas for things you can create with PicoCrickets.

A great way to get started! Mix motors and crafts to make artistic creations.

Program lights to flash, change color, and react to your voice.

Build mechanical puppets that bob up and down.

What types of motions can you create with your LEGO parts?


Write your own tune and make a celebration.

Create a cuddly animal that reacts when you pet it.

Dream House


Dream HouseCombine lights, sensor, and sounds to make your house come to life.

Musical Play-Dough

Musical Play-Dough
Create musical instruments with play-dough, bananas, and even pickles!

How fast can you react? Build a game show button and test it with your friends.

Play with Data

Playing with Data
Use sensors to measure sound and light, then graph the results on the screen.

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