PicoCrickets are designed for use by children, teens, and adults in a wide variety of settings.

PicoCrickets expand the creative possibilities of your home computer. Because they can be used in so many different types of projects, PicoCrickets appeal to children of all interests, ages, and abilities. While one child might use a PicoCricket to build an interactive dream house, another might use it to create a new musical instrument.

PicoCrickets are designed especially for ages 8 and up. But with help from a parent, younger kids can enjoy PicoCricket activities too.

PicoCrickets extend the hands-on tradition of science museums, making possible a new generation of hands-on activities that mix physical materials with digital technology.

The Playful Invention and Exploration (PIE) Network of museums has been actively involved in the development and testing of new activities for PicoCrickets. The Exploratorium, Science Museum of Minnesota, and CAMP (in Japan) have been among the leaders in developing new types of PicoCricket workshops.

After-school programs
PicoCrickets can add a new dimension to after-school programs — adding interactivity to traditional arts-and-crafts activities, or adding a creative twist to computer and robotics activities

Some after-school centers are organizing PicoCricket Craft Exhibitions, providing kids an opportunity to show off their PicoCricket creations. These exhibitions represent a creative alternative to robotics competitions: they appeal to different kids, but offer similar learning experiences.

PicoCricket activities are appropriate for students of all ages, from elementary school through college. And they can fit into many different classes: science, technology, art, computer science.

As students work on PicoCricket projects, they improve their problem-solving abilities and gain a better understanding of the process of design and invention. At the same time, they can learn important concepts in mathematics (such as variables and functions), science (such as resistance and circuits), and engineering (such as programming and sensing).

Not just for kids
PicoCrickets are great as a prototyping tool for adults who love to design, create, and tinker. Artists and designers can create kinetic sculptures and other interactive projects, without any previous engineering experience.

If you wish you had PicoCrickets when you were a kid, it’s not too late!

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